How it all began

Originating from East Tennessee, Blue Carpet Corner found it’s roots from three high school friends coming together to casually play music for their own entertainment in 2011. Before growing into a six man band and striking the stages of festivals and local venues, Kurt Dauksch, (lead singer} Darion Simerly, (keyboard) and Ashton Stevens, (lead guitar) only fantasized about playing in front of an audience. While recording one of the trios first songs in a nearby amateur recording studio, the three band members realized if they hoped to play live, their pursuit would come to a stand still; the band had no drummer or bass player. After self recording all the traditional instruments to their own songs, the search was on to complete the band. Almost two years and a number of drummers later, the band managed to find its magic number and chemistry. Through means of social media, an invitation was given to Luke Goulds (rhythm guitar) to come to the basement of Darion’s house and “jam”. Along with the funk adoring Justin Grindstaff (bass), and more heavier rock inspired Cody Oliver (drummer), and later replacing Ashton Stevens with Chris Shingleton at lead guitar the band was made whole by January 1st of 2014.Blue Carpet Corner quickly put together a number of songs, which included the bands first iTunes released singles, “Love Bug” and “Galaxy”. Along with the help of the creative Tim Younce of Timz Unique Productionz studio in Elizabethton, Tennessee, Blue Carpet Corner’s debut album, “All I See”, was released on iTunes August 14th, 2015.



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